PBX-Change Rebrands to KUDUCOM™

PBX-Change Rebrands to KUDUCOM™

Tampa, Fla., Jan. 04, 2023 – KUDUCOM is galloping into Tampa Bay, providing businesses with a powerful communication suite backed by a powerhouse application that does it all, Webex by CISCO. Ryan Yaldor, the Chief Technology Officer of KUDUCOM™ (formerly PBX-Change) announced today that the new name, brand, vision, and mission launched on January 3, 2023.

“Our company has been providing businesses with Voice, Internet, and Cloud-based communication services for over two decades, and now it’s time to show the world that we mean business! Our new name, brand, and mission are changing to communicate to our clients and prospective businesses that our value-added propositions, people, products, and services are more reflective of what we are in business to do — help businesses communicate better,” stated Yaldor.

With the founder’s roots hailing from South Africa, stakeholders wanted to incorporate a meaningful icon when rebranding the 25-year-old communication-based business. KUDUCOM represents businesses and organizations where speed, agility, and customer-centric care are important components of their Voice, Internet, and Cloud-based services.

“The Kudu is a large antelope predominantly from South Africa with a top speed of roughly 60 miles per hour. They have large radar-like ears and are highly alert and notoriously aware of their surroundings, making them a unique symbol to represent the vision and mission of KUDUCOM and the enriched services depending on speed, accuracy, and the ability to listen carefully in any environment,” Yaldor added.

Martine Yaldor, KUDUCOM’s Chief Financial Officer stated, “Our vision and mission have evolved over the past 25 years moving towards a more business-centric model, without sacrificing service by real people. In the past, we spent time perfecting our processes and services. With the rebrand, we have been able to focus on perfecting our value-added propositions to further elevate our presence in the industry. We have grown and have realized the need to take on this change to welcome new opportunities while maintaining our impeccable client retention record.”

KUDUCOM is a certified Cisco Webex Contact Center partner and a registered Florida CLEC (competitive local exchange carrier), delivering unified voice, contact center management, and Internet services to businesses and organizations. As a premier Cisco partner, KUDUCOM deploys a Webex solution that is dependable, secure, flexible, and trusted by 95% of Fortune 500 companies.

“When we discussed rebranding the company, we did so with a focus on appealing to new markets. We also felt we should enhance our visual consistency and brand equity to better represent who we are and where we are going. This is a step in the right direction for us and our clients,” shared Senior Vice President, James Neely.

To continue our growth and position in the marketplace, PBX-Change rebranded to KUDUCOM in late 2022 to place an emphasis on being a single-source full-service communications provider.

Sean Coniglio, Managing Partner at HCP Associates and a long-time client shared, “In the 13 years we have trusted our partners at KUDUCOM, formerly PBX-Change, we have consistently had exceptional service. In our business, if we go down, we are in trouble, we never have to worry about that with them by our side. As a small business, we get fast and reliable Internet, seamless integration of hundreds of apps, cloud calling, collaborative messaging, virtual meetings, video conferencing, and even events and polling features. For a 37-year-old research-based marketing firm, that is everything we need and more.”

To learn more about KUDUCOM and their business-centric Voice, Internet, and Cloud Services, please visit or call 866-KUDUCOM today!