Jorge Figueredo Joins KUDUCOM, Strengthening Support for Hispanic Owned Businesses

Jorge Figueredo Joins KUDUCOM, Strengthening Support for Hispanic Owned Businesses

KUDUCOM offered a warm ‘Bienvenido!’ to Jorge Figueredo, welcoming him as a solutions specialist officially on August 1. Born in Cuba and raised in Tampa, Figueredo is the perfect addition for KUDUCOM to engage and support the ever-growing local Spanish Business Market. Figueredo has spent the last 31 years of his professional career traveling to the Caribbean, Mexico, Central & South America. His extensive interaction and knowledge of the diverse Latin cultures will serve KUDUCOM and its clients well.  

“I’m proud to serve as an asset to Tampa Bay’s rich Latin community, bringing the power of KUDUCOM’s technology to more and more people every day. I strive to remain a resource for our growing market of Spanish-speaking customers, making sure they get the quality of service they deserve, and are making educated decisions on the solutions they select.” Said Figueredo.  

In his first 90 days, Figueredo has dedicated ample time to introduce himself and KUDUCOM to the many elite Hispanic leaders and groups in the Tampa Bay Area. Organizations he is now integrated with includes the West Tampa Chamber of Commerce, St. Pete Chamber of Commerce, Tampa Bay Latin Chamber of Commerce, Greater Pasco Chamber of Commerce, Tampa Bay Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Pinellas County to name a few. 

Senior Vice President of Sales, James Neely, commended Jorge as a welcome addition to the sales staff, noting, “His enthusiastic interactions with the community and his client base make him a welcome addition to our company’s customer-centric values and services. His skillset has proven invaluable in expanding our business’ ability to be a true, cooperative resource to the people we serve.” 

In addition to welcoming Jorge, KUDUCOM has added a Spanish language contact page for those who prefer speaking their native tongue of Spanish. Users can visit this page by going to As Kuducom develops a deeper footprint within the Latin market, they will translate more of their content to be accessible to the broader community. 

¡Bienvenido y gracias, Jorge! ¡Viva KUDUCOM! 


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