Get Ready for new 656 area code, Tampa Bay

Get Ready for new 656 area code, Tampa Bay

The Florida Public Service Commission announced today that the Tampa Bay region is getting an additional area code! “813” telephone numbers, get ready to meet “656”! The second area code for Tampa Bay addresses the problem that Hillsborough County is simply running out of telephone number combinations with 813. What does that mean for you? Starting this Saturday, January 22, 10-digit dialing will be required when making a Tampa Bay call. It’s time to double-check how you’ve entered your contacts on your mobile phone. No area code, no call.

For our team at PBX-Change, the arrival of 656 means helping local businesses adapt. Business phone services are a lifeline to local companies of any size. Every year, we connect more than 35 Million calls, averaging more than 5 Million minutes per month! We host voice services, unified communications, equipment, and more. We connect your business offices, call centers, appointments system, and remote cellphones seamlessly so employees can work from anywhere, and customers have easy access to the right person at the right time. Our team proudly provides unlimited training and support for all voice customers.

For more info on business phone service needs, call (813)-734-8994.

Get ready for the new 656 area code, Tampa Bay