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Hillsborough County Property Appraiser Implements Webex Cloud Contact Center by KUDUCOM™

Hillsborough County Property Appraiser Implements Webex Cloud Contact Center by KUDUCOM™

Tampa, Fla., May 17, 2023 –– KUDUCOM’s Chief Technology Officer Ryan Yaldor announced today the successful implementation of the world’s leading Software-As-Service (SaaS) cloud contact center solution, CISCO’s Webex Contact Center for The Hillsborough County Property Appraiser.

“As the workplace continues to evolve, businesses with multiple applications are streamlining their operations to deliver a more reliable, single dashboard environment, so staff can provide a better customer-centric experience. KUDUCOM’s hands-on approach makes the integration and optimization smooth, backed by our local support to help every step of the way,” said Yaldor.

According to CISCO, The Webex Contact Center was designed and built from its foundation as a software-as-Service (SaaS) cloud solution, and its platform architecture brings businesses the innovation, flexibility, scalability, and agility of the cloud without sacrificing security. Forrester Consulting conducted a Total Economic Impact™ study of Webex Contact Center and concluded that the solution delivered a 262% ROI and improved contact center operations over a three-year period in multiple business sectors.

Bob Henriquez, The Hillsborough County Property Appraiser, said, “Besides the duty and responsibility to appraise all of the property in the County, we are in the people business, and our number one priority is extraordinary customer service. This implementation replaced the needs of today, allowing the expansion for the needs of tomorrow with “Omni-channel” capabilities for voice, chat, email, social media, and so on.”

According to CISCO, the Webex Contact Center is a cloud-based subscription that enables businesses and organizations to go rapidly to market, delivering enhanced revenue opportunities while minimizing upfront capital investment. The native cloud architecture is rated the #1 global solution inspired by customers and architected for businesses.

Greg Alford, Assistant Chief Administrative Officer of Administration, said, “We knew we wanted a local partner for support to ensure customer retention and high-mark service levels. KUDUCOM met with us and systematically rationalized our past issues and role-played future scenarios like chat, social media, and other customer experience applications. From dropped calls, application crossover hiccups, poor routing and queue management, and hybrid work challenges, we rest at ease now, saying goodbye to all those inconveniences.”

Opal Hudson, Assistant Chief Administrative Officer of Value, said, “Upon our initial meeting, we set objectives to reduce complexity and expenses, enhance productivity, and bring security and scalability to our employees and customers. All with increased functionality and value compared to premise-based contact centers.”

Yaldor commented that CISCO’s Webex Contact Center offers the best platform for seamless progression to an Omni-Channel environment, allowing businesses to achieve high-quality customer experiences.

Henriquez added, “Our office has never experienced such a smooth and event-free installation and transition of such a major application change. We could have chosen several different providers that are partnered with CISCO; however, we knew that KUDUCOM’s experience, customer service, and location made them the ideal partner for us.”

To learn more about KUDUCOM and its business-centric voice, internet, and cloud services, please visit or call 866-KUDUCOM today!

To see the case study for The Hillsborough County Property Appraiser’s Office Webex Contact Center Implementation by KUDUCOM, please click here.

KUDUCOM™ Partners with Tampa Bay Wave to Deliver Pro Bono mmWave Technology

KUDUCOM™ Partners with Tampa Bay Wave to Deliver Pro Bono mmWave Technology

Tampa, Fla Feb. 20, 2023 – When Tampa Bay Wave, Florida’s #1 Accelerator and tech startup support organization, needed multi-Gigabit mmWave wireless Internet speed and a complete suite of voice services, they called KUDUCOM.

Tampa Bay Wave Founder and CEO Linda Olsen said, “We needed a communications partner to provide our team and guests with reliable, seamless high-speed internet and voice services. The customized solutions KUDUCOM provided delivered real-time applications with low latency and an extremely stable connection. All this with no construction or downtime; a real game changer!”

According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the mmWave spectrum is the band of spectrum between 30 GHz and 300 GHz. Wedged between microwave and infrared waves, this spectrum can be used for high-speed wireless communications. It is being considered by standards organizations and researchers as the way to bring “5G” into the future by allocating more bandwidth to deliver faster, higher-quality video and multimedia content and services.

KUDUCOM’s Director of Business Development, Rebekah Nault shared, “This partnership with Tampa Bay Wave is another shining example of how KUDUCOM partners with and supports non-profits, businesses, the community, and the tech industry in and around Tampa Bay. We are providing an annual evergreen sponsorship for their internet and voice communications. With this technology, Tampa Bay Wave will remain on the cutting edge of advanced communications and through the power of our Webex platform, they will be able to streamline their services. We are thrilled for this partnership.”

KUDUCOM’s Chief Technology Officer Ryan Yaldor said, “KUDUCOM deployed multi-gigabit mmWave connection to the rooftop of Tampa Bay Wave’s new building, delivering gigabit-speed internet in a short timetable without sacrificing reliability and performance. The Cambium WiF6 AP (access point) was used for their in-office Wi-Fi for both staff and guests.  Their access points use the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology to ensure high-speed, interference-free Wi-Fi, especially in multi-tenant buildings.  These devices connected to the internet allow those Wi-Fi users to take full advantage of our ultra-fast internet platform for the best possible user experience.”

To learn more about KUDUCOM and their business-centric voice, internet, and cloud services, please visit or call 866-KUDUCOM today!

KUDUCOM (koo·do·com), formerly PBX-Change, is a Tampa-based Communications Solutions Provider with over 25 years of business-to-business experience. KUDUCOM provides businesses with a trusted and secure single- source solution for voice, data, cloud, and Internet services.

About Tampa Bay Wave
Tampa Bay Wave, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing entrepreneurs with facilitated access to the resources, expertise, and capital they need to grow vibrant technology-based companies in Tampa Bay. Since March 2013, Tampa Bay Wave has supported more than 450 tech startups thanks to grant funding from the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) and the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), plus support from its economic development partners Hillsborough County and the City of Tampa. Tampa Bay Wave also receives support from individuals such as Michael and Korrine Fraser and Kyle Taylor, founder of The Penny Hoarder, as well as from partners such as A-LIGN, Bank of America, Bellini Better World, DCE Productions, Encore Bank/STi, EY, Florida Blue, Florida Funders, Foley & Lardner, JPMorgan Chase Foundation, KnowBe4, KUDUCOM, MacDonald Ventures, Nielsen Foundation, Rays/Rowdies Foundation, Trenam Law, Truist Foundation, and Vinik Family Foundation. Tampa Bay Wave is also a member of the GAN network of accelerators. For more information, visit

Media Contact:
Eric R. Polins
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KUDUCOM™ Promotes Rebekah Nault to Director of Business Development

KUDUCOM™ Promotes Rebekah Nault to Director of Business Development

Tampa, Fla Jan. 24, 2023 – KUDUCOM (formerly PBX-Change) Senior Vice President of Sales, James Neely announced today the promotion of 16-year veteran Rebekah Nault to Director of Business Development.

“Rebekah always gives 110 percent and her passion for the local business community is unparalleled. For a long time she has seen herself as an ambassador of our unique brand and her new position will help nurture that path. It’s an honor to work with her and I can’t wait to see what she will achieve,” Neely said.

Nault started with the company in 2007 and spent 10 years as a Service Deployment Coordinator, three years as an Account Manager, and another three years as a Business and Community Development Liaison.

Nault commented, “I am so happy to accept my role as Director of Business Development under our new brand, KUDUCOM. Although I have served the organization for 16 of its 25-year history, I have always felt my roles allowed me to do a job I care about while simultaneously supporting my community and the civic causes I wholeheartedly believe in. I thrive on the variety of businesses and people we work with. I enjoy helping them and others through community outreach and non-profit organizations. Thank you to KUDUCOM leadership and my community peers for believing in me. I have a lot to do and look forward to seeing you all out and about in beautiful Tampa Bay!”

According to Neely, Nault’s new position will come with a broader list of responsibilities and will effectively add her to the KUDUCOM Leadership Team. “As business leaders and stakeholders in the community, we own more than our specific job responsibilities. We are equally responsible for our brand, vision, mission, value-added propositions, and the fiduciary well-being of our company,” said Neely.

Nault’s employment history with KUDUCOM is broad and lengthy and her community involvement continues to grow. Nault has been heavily involved with the South Tampa Chamber of Commerce since 2015, where she was recognized as the South Tampa Chamber’s Member of the Year in 2020 and named to their Board of Directors in 2022. Nault also serves as an Honorary Commander for the 6th Air Refueling Wing at MacDill Air Force Base, is a member of the STEM Committee for Girl Scouts of West Central Florida, and is an active volunteer for Metropolitan Ministries and Feeding Tampa Bay.

KUDUCOM CFO and Co-founder Martine Yaldor shared, “Our recent rebranding has created many new and exciting opportunities in our organization. Rebekah’s promotion to Director of Business Development for KUDUCOM highlights our gratitude for a job well done over years of growth and change both internally and within our industry.”

For more information on KUDUCOM, please visit or call 866-KUDUCOM.




KUDUCOM™, formerly PBX-Change, is a 25-year-old single-source full-service communications provider providing businesses with Voice, Internet, and Cloud-based services with a customer-centric focus.

Source: KUDUCOM™

Media Contact:
Eric R. Polins
HCP Associates, Inc.
Phone:  813-318-0565 Ext. 104
Mobile:  813-503-6386

PBX-Change Rebrands to KUDUCOM™

PBX-Change Rebrands to KUDUCOM™

Tampa, Fla., Jan. 04, 2023 – KUDUCOM is galloping into Tampa Bay, providing businesses with a powerful communication suite backed by a powerhouse application that does it all, Webex by CISCO. Ryan Yaldor, the Chief Technology Officer of KUDUCOM™ (formerly PBX-Change) announced today that the new name, brand, vision, and mission launched on January 3, 2023.

“Our company has been providing businesses with Voice, Internet, and Cloud-based communication services for over two decades, and now it’s time to show the world that we mean business! Our new name, brand, and mission are changing to communicate to our clients and prospective businesses that our value-added propositions, people, products, and services are more reflective of what we are in business to do — help businesses communicate better,” stated Yaldor.

With the founder’s roots hailing from South Africa, stakeholders wanted to incorporate a meaningful icon when rebranding the 25-year-old communication-based business. KUDUCOM represents businesses and organizations where speed, agility, and customer-centric care are important components of their Voice, Internet, and Cloud-based services.

“The Kudu is a large antelope predominantly from South Africa with a top speed of roughly 60 miles per hour. They have large radar-like ears and are highly alert and notoriously aware of their surroundings, making them a unique symbol to represent the vision and mission of KUDUCOM and the enriched services depending on speed, accuracy, and the ability to listen carefully in any environment,” Yaldor added.

Martine Yaldor, KUDUCOM’s Chief Financial Officer stated, “Our vision and mission have evolved over the past 25 years moving towards a more business-centric model, without sacrificing service by real people. In the past, we spent time perfecting our processes and services. With the rebrand, we have been able to focus on perfecting our value-added propositions to further elevate our presence in the industry. We have grown and have realized the need to take on this change to welcome new opportunities while maintaining our impeccable client retention record.”

KUDUCOM is a certified Cisco Webex Contact Center partner and a registered Florida CLEC (competitive local exchange carrier), delivering unified voice, contact center management, and Internet services to businesses and organizations. As a premier Cisco partner, KUDUCOM deploys a Webex solution that is dependable, secure, flexible, and trusted by 95% of Fortune 500 companies.

“When we discussed rebranding the company, we did so with a focus on appealing to new markets. We also felt we should enhance our visual consistency and brand equity to better represent who we are and where we are going. This is a step in the right direction for us and our clients,” shared Senior Vice President, James Neely.

To continue our growth and position in the marketplace, PBX-Change rebranded to KUDUCOM in late 2022 to place an emphasis on being a single-source full-service communications provider.

Sean Coniglio, Managing Partner at HCP Associates and a long-time client shared, “In the 13 years we have trusted our partners at KUDUCOM, formerly PBX-Change, we have consistently had exceptional service. In our business, if we go down, we are in trouble, we never have to worry about that with them by our side. As a small business, we get fast and reliable Internet, seamless integration of hundreds of apps, cloud calling, collaborative messaging, virtual meetings, video conferencing, and even events and polling features. For a 37-year-old research-based marketing firm, that is everything we need and more.”

To learn more about KUDUCOM and their business-centric Voice, Internet, and Cloud Services, please visit or call 866-KUDUCOM today!


PBX-Change’s Rebekah Nault Among Leadership Tampa Bay Class of 2023

PBX-Change’s Rebekah Nault Among Leadership Tampa Bay Class of 2023

Tampa, Fla.– If you have attended any business event around Tampa Bay, you have likely met Rebekah Nault, PBX-Change’s Business and Community Development Liaison. Nault has been an invaluable member of our team for over 15 years and has had a positive impact on the community.

For more than three decades, Leadership Tampa Bay has introduced its class members to major facets of the Tampa Bay community through an intensive professional development course to challenge members to see their community as they never have before. Day-long stints in the program range from healthcare and tourism to law enforcement and education, to mention a few.

PBX-Change CFO Martine Yaldor shared, “As a veteran Voice and Internet Solutions Provider for small businesses all over the region, we understand the importance of leadership and community and are both excited and proud to have one of our PBX-family members join the ranks of Leadership Tampa Bay. This is one of the best experiences to connect with other businesses, organizations, and community leaders to come together to make Tampa Bay and Florida even better!”

Leadership Tampa Bay is a non-profit organization that is governed by an independent board of directors who live and work in various parts of the Tampa Bay region. The program is funded through tuition and sponsorships, and 100 percent of monies go toward programs for class members and alumni.

“I am truly honored to have been selected as part of the class of 2023 with this prestigious organization. I realize how competitive the selection process is for such a unique and diverse group of businesses and community leaders. I am looking forward to all the special educational tours, but more importantly, I am ready to have 60-plus new friends and associates that will accept the challenge to enhance our community collectively. In addition to my classmates, I have also received a tremendous welcome from many of the program alumni” Nault said.

On September 15 from 6 to 8 p.m. at The Centre Club in the Westshore District, there will be a 2023 Class Kick-off Reception. This is a free event and a excellent opportunity for everyone to meet the new Class of 2023 and congratulate them on being accepted. For more information or to register for the event, visit:

PBX-Change Announces James Neely as New Senior Vice President of Sales

PBX-Change Announces James Neely as New Senior Vice President of Sales

Tampa, Fla.– PBX-Change CFO Martine Yaldor announced the selection of industry veteran James Neely for the position of Senior Vice President of Sales. Neely joins PBX-Change with nearly two decades of experience in the property management industry.

“We are excited to have James join PBX-Change as our new Senior Vice President of Sales. He excels in creating and building relationships with both prospective clients and current customers and has extensive experience in telecommunications,” said Yaldor.

Neely has a wide range of expertise covering his extensive 20+ year career. He has held senior leadership positions where he was responsible for managing new sales and client development, overseeing enterprise-level clients, developing their strategic partnerships, and continuously improving the company’s offerings.

Neely will lead the PBX-Change sales team from its corporate headquarters in Tampa, Florida, and is focused on aligning sales strategies to exceed business goals.

“I was initially drawn to PBX-Change due to the positive company culture that synergized exceptionally well with a service team and technology platform that is best in its class. I admire how PBX-Change values the customer experience and creates long-term value for clients. I am excited to utilize decades of experience in sales and marketing to bring awareness to the service and story of this company. PBX-Change has created something special, and it is my job to ensure the market is made aware of the great things we are doing here,” shared Neely. Neely has called Tampa home for over 36 years, and in his free time, he enjoys spending quality time with his family, including his five children. His family is also a licensed foster family for the state.

PBX-Change: Fueling the Next Generation of Innovators at MOSI

PBX-Change: Fueling the Next Generation of Innovators at MOSI

TAMPA, Fl. – PBX-Change has provided the Museum of Science and Industry with a game-changing gift of technology. The locally owned and operated business is giving MOSI the latest tech – a mmWave, virtual fiber connection with high-speed internet of 500mbps!

The in-kind donation, with no expiration date, has already saved MOSI at least $1,000 per month. “This is different than if someone gave us a $12,000 check and allowed us to do something with it,” said John Graydon Smith, MOSI’s President and CEO. “These are ongoing savings that will continue, year after year.”

It’s a marriage made in high tech heaven, bringing together a leader in internet technology and a museum dedicated to science and innovation. “They now have the most modern technology and the fastest connection in the market space because of that technology,” says Rebekah Nault of the PBX-Change gift to MOSI. “It’s a great fit for us!

Installers arrived on-site at the museum last fall and its Director of Facility Operations says it wasn’t at all what he expected. “For geeks like me, what’s neat about this is that they came in, put an antenna on our roof and we had signal! That was it!” recalls Brian Albury with a broad smile. “That’s really cool! If we had to get new internet service like this through Spectrum or the other guys, they’ve got to trench all over our campus.”

Transforming the Camper Experience…

For Janet White, it’s a thrill of a different kind. “Without this, we would not be able to do any of these camps effectively.” MOSI’s Director of Education is referring to their technology camps for kids in grades 2 – 8. “Our 6th – 8th graders are doing higher level coding with Java and Python programming, making their own apps,” says White. “They’re creating video games that play on mobile phones and laptops and they’re also making movies. They’re using green screen technology and then edit those movies.”

“The amount of time it would take us to share something, to upload or put something ‘on the cloud’ so that other teammates in the room could use it, would take way too much time in class,” explains Albury. “We’re able to get even more educational content to campers,” says White, “We don’t have that ‘time suck’!”

With more than 200 campers on site each week, that ‘time suck’ would bring their day to a grinding halt. Thanks to PBX-Change, that’s not happening anymore. “Slow internet is one thing when it’s free at the DMV,” says MOSI’s new President, referring to the Division of Motor Vehicles. “But you can’t go to a place of technology and keep getting kicked off the network! It just doesn’t work.”

Like ‘Peanut Butter & Jelly’ …

Providing the museum with more than just the free installation of mmWave internet was important to the team at PBX-Change, says Nault, who facilitated the high-tech gift. “This is an evergreen donation. That means there’s no end date on this. Yes, we’re a business and obviously we need to make money but we’ve found that whenever we use funds to support the community, instead of spending it on straight marketing, it’s a win, win!”

Case in point is MOSI’s computer lab, then and now. “The computers in there were so old, they couldn’t handle the bandwidth we had then, let alone the bandwidth that PBX is providing us now,” says Albury. “When we replaced those 25 computers all the new ones came with WiFi. So now, with the PBX-Change high-speed internet, our classes are really great! The signal strength is great!”

“It’s really a peanut butter and jelly situation where they’ve got a service that makes us operate better and cheaper!” says Smith. “It’s an amazing mix! Normally, it’s the other way around. We have to think, ‘What are we going to have to spend to make this visitor experience better?’ and the answer here is nothing! We’re saving money! That’s what is so cool about this relationship.” Approximately nine months into the MOSI – PBX-Change relationship, the museum anticipates at least $12,000 in savings on their internet bill alone.

The Need for PBX ‘Copy Cats’ in Transportation…

The local business hopes others will follow its lead and step up to donate in-kind services or financial support to MOSI. The needs are many.

Help with transportation for school fieldtrips is at the top of the education director’s wish list. Pre-COVID, they had approximately 32-thousand student visits per/year in fieldtrips. “The number one problem teachers faced this past school year was getting transportation to bring the kids here,” says White. With no changes in site for the 2022-2023 school year, the MOSI team is hoping local businesses in vehicle or transportation sectors will step in to help. “Just like PBX-Change,” says the educational director. “That would be amazing!”

“Local companies with passenger vans or bus lines could really help the kids if they were to step up to help us host school fieldtrips starting this fall,” says Kenyetta White Johnson, Director of Development. “We know that there are many transportation companies in the Tampa Bay area who would be amazing partners for MOSI.”

“When you lead by example, our customers and other partners will want to come in and support organizations like MOSI,” says Nault, who’s seen it happen before with partners at Tampa Housing Authority, Feeding Tampa Bay and Lions Eye Institute for Transplant & Research. “In the Tampa Bay region, our ecosystem is supporting each other and that helps everyone move forward. Everyone benefits from this – children, adults and employees,” says Nault.

Being Part of This Neighborhood’s Watershed Moment…

The once blighted neighborhoods that surrounds MOSI in eastern Hillsborough County, is at a watershed moment in its history. Since 2019, the Tampa Innovation Partnership has helped bring in new public – private partnerships, sparking the first university-inspired Institute of Applied Engineering (Rithm), the world’s second largest digital studio (Vū) and its crown jewel, Soaring City, which is turning an old, dying shopping mall into an urban tech corridor and urban living village. The museum has been a staple in this neighborhood since 1962. “For MOSI to have been there this long – 60 years – going through several iterations – is incredible! We’re helping them grow again! That’s what we love to do. That’s our why!”

“The impact that PBX-Change is having on what we do everyday is great. This new technology is a big step for our organization,” says Johnson, who is the person helping local businesses find their ‘why’ for community engagement and connect it back to MOSI. With employee engagement, volunteer opportunities, team building and sponsorship opportunities at MOSI, she gives employers, and their employees, a chance to be a part of something greater than themselves.

That’s certainly how the team at PBX-Change feels about their high tech gift to MOSI! Can you say that about your team at work? Imagine the possibilities if your answer was ‘Yes!’

To support MOSI, contact Kenyetta White Johnson at For more on educational programs and camps, contact Janet White at

PBX-Change Climbing New Heights: Music to the ears of local businesses

PBX-Change Climbing New Heights:  Music to the ears of local businesses

Clearwater, FL – Jonathan Hunt is the third generation of his family who is a music merchant. Just like his father, he knows everything there is to know about the grand pianos of Steinway & Sons.  The Hunts have the exclusive on Steinway & Sons pianos in the entire Tampa Bay region and have been a local landmark for more than 30 years. It’s now benefiting from changes to another landmark, of sorts, just down the street – the broadcast tower.

Earlier this year when an employee from PBX-Change walked in the door and said new technology on that tower could bring them more reliable phone and internet service, better customer service, plus savings Hunt was all ears. “We have a 10,000 + square foot showroom, with about 150 pianos. We sell the very best piano in the world,” explains Hunt, whose father Charlie Hunt started the business in 1991.

Customer Service

“A piano like this costs six- figures,” he says with his hand on a sparkling black Steinway. “So if the phones or Internet are down and a client can’t get in touch with us, that’s a problem. It’s critical that our connections are working all the time so we’re able to help them.”


“Today’s businesses need high speed internet, and not just occasionally. They need it every single day,” explains Bill Heinz, Vice President and Solution Specialist at PBX-Change. “Doctors’ offices, for example, would have to stop seeing patients if the internet is down because they can’t access patient information. At a store, what happens if employees can’t process credit cards? In our increasingly cash-less society, that’s akin to a shut-down,” says Heinz.



Several months into the Music Gallery’s new phone and internet service, it has saved money on its bill every single month. The family-owned business was among the first to benefit from the new PBX-Change equipment installed on the Ulmerton tower. “It’s been pretty seamless,” explains Hunt, who calls the switch to PBX-Change a “no brainer.” “There’ve been no interruptions in service. Our Internet is faster and less expensive than it was with Spectrum.”

Powering Digital Pianos

Prior generations of Hunt piano teachers, pianists and music merchants would be surprised by the “digital” pianos Jonathan also has on the showroom floor.  The Music Gallery’s models of Roland pianos are infused with technology inside classic grand piano cabinets. How much tech? They’re built with Bluetooth connectivity that lets you stream songs from your phone or tablet, wirelessly. It’s one more reason why Hunt switched to the reliability and customer service of the PBX-Change. When customers come in to the showroom, Hunt needs to be able to demonstrate how these digital instruments connect to piano education apps, access digital sheet music and song libraries, wirelessly. Hunt can even make song choices from his wristwatch, using PBX-Change high speed internet and a dedicated app for Apple watches.

Decades Serving Local Businesses  

PBX-Change, also a locally owned business, specializes in business phone and internet services and has been serving the Tampa Bay Region for more than 20 years. It’s a registered competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) in Florida, delivering voice, contact center management and internet services to business of any size, organizations, schools and local government agencies, just to name a few. “The reliability of our Internet and Phone services, and our customer support sets us apart from our competitors,” says Heinz.

In the months following the enhancements on the tower, PBX-Change employees have visited many of the neighboring businesses and more have joined the PBX-Change family of customers.

“Live” Customer Support

One particular visit, says Heinz, stands out. “One of our salespeople walked into a local Ulmerton business to discuss our new promotion,” recalls Heinz. “The business owner was on the phone and on hold. While he waited, our salesperson explained our new promotion on phone and internet services because of our new tech on the Ulmerton tower.”The PBX-Change employee got through the entire explanation and the business owner was still on hold.

With who? “He was on hold with his provider. He was trying to lodge a complaint and get customer service,” says Heinz in dismay. “That business owner was on hold for one hour, trying to get customer support.”

At PBX-Change, that would never happen. Unlike competitors, PBX-Change offers “live” customer service. That means a human is taking your call.

PBX-Change Technoloy on Ulmerton Rd. Tower

The addition of PBX-Change technology on the Ulmerton Tower earlier this year has meant greater connectivity to an area of five Pinellas county zip codes that have more than 6,000 businesses combined. The businesses are in the zip codes 33760, 33762 and 33764 in Clearwater, plus zip codes 33771 and 33773 in Largo. Seventy-five percent of those businesses have only a handful of employees. Another 23% have between 5 – 49 employees. PBX-Change can serve them all – small, mid-size and large businesses. It is a reliable high-speed internet option with synchronous upload/download speeds.

Back at the Music Gallery, owners are still singing the praises, or shall we say, “playing” the praises of PBX-Change. The enhancements at the Ulmerton tower couldn’t have come at a better time. They are working their way back from the coronavirus pandemic with a full offering of new and used pianos, plus a 150 seat auditorium available at no charge for recitals, master classes, repertoire practices, lessons and musical events.


Following in his grandfather and father’s footsteps, Hunt is making the most of his degree in marketing and forging important community relationships, including the St. Petersburg Opera, University of South Florida, and the Music Teacher’s Association.

“We love what we do,” says Hunt. “For us, it’s critical to have the dependability and customer service we get from PBX-Change.”  That’s music to the ears of the team at PBX-Change, making new connections every week in the Ulmerton area.

PBX-Change and Tampa Bay Fiber Entrusted by Tampa Housing Authority with Federal Grant Program

PBX-Change and Tampa Bay Fiber Entrusted by Tampa Housing Authority with Federal Grant Program

TAMPA, Fla. — Community leaders at the federal, county and city level came together April 14, 2022 to discuss a half-million dollar federal grant awarded to the Tampa Housing Authority. The news conference, live-streamed by US Congresswoman Kathy Castor, explained how the “Connectivity for Prosperity” grant will help residents stay connected to the Internet.

Prior to this federal grant, PBX-Change had already worked with the Tampa Housing Authority to bring internet to approximately 800 apartments and this will add close to 1,000 more. The grant expands our work to 3 newly constructed THA mixed income buildings and 5 existing ones to be retrofitted.

Rebekah Nault, PBX-Change Business and Community Relations Representative, explained how our family-owned business became the Community Champion for this federal grant.

The need for this program became painfully clear during the start of the coronavirus pandemic. In the final months of the 2020 school year and into the start of the 2021 school year, children were relying on the internet for at-home learning. As the workforce went to remote working, these internet connections became vital, practically overnight. Homebound senior citizens and Immunocompromised individuals were relying on these connections more than ever before.

“The disconnection between access, education, prosperity, and resources, was largely dependent on broadband resources as well as wireless resources,” Hillsborough Board of County Commissioners Chairwoman Kimberly Overman said during the news conference.

To see the full news conference, click here.